Dr. Michael Haedicke

Michael joined the Department for the Study of Culture and Society in 2008 after receiving his Doctorate from the University of California, San Diego. He teaches environmental sustainability and social inequalities and social change. Michael's new book Organizing Organic: Conflict and Compromise in an Emerging Market was recently published.The book shows how the contradictions in the understanding of the nature and purpose of organic farming function. He has also published articles on immigration and social justice.

Dr. David Courard-Hauri

David is the Director of Drakes Environmental Science and Policy Program. With a MA in Public Affairs from Princeton and a Phd in Chemistry from Stanford, he has long been interested in the work at the intersections of science and policy.David has coauthored a series of popular environmental science textbooks among others. In the 1990's David was one of the founding members of The Dancibg Rabbit Eco-Village, a community of about 70 adults and children exploring radical sustainability in northeast Missouri,

      Melanie Patton-Imani

Frank brings 7+ years of experience as a City Planner with The City of Des Moines to the team. He has worked extensively in the non-profit sector  with low-income and "at-risk" populations. He is a team player with an unconditionally positive leadership style. His passion for social justice for all people, combined with his experience in community-building and sustainable housing come together in his work for ShapeShifter Development. Frank participated in the building of a straw bale home with Andrew Morrison. He has a M.C.R.P. In Community  and Regional Planning from Iowa State as well as B. S. from Iowa State in Religious Studies. Frank is excited about the future of bio-based construction here is Des Moines. In his leisure time you'll find Frank tending his bees.

      Troy Green

Troy has a long history of working with underserved communities with a broad range of non-profits.  A self-proclaimed fitness practitioner, he embodies health and wellness in every aspect of his life. Troy’s talent for integrating his passion for living a healthy & active lifestyle and working to build diverse workforce teams helps him foster positive, productive, and engaging relationships with various groups of people.

           Frank Dunn-Young


Dr Lourdes Guitierrez-Najera

Lourdes is a cultural anthropologist  and ethnographer at heart. Born in Ciudad Juarez , Mexico, she immigrated to the U.S. as a child. Currently Lourdes is a professor of Anthropology at Drake,


Board Members

Imani has worked in housing for the last 16 years as property owner, landlord, and rehabber. She has both observed and suffered the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.  The people that suffered the when the housing bubble burst, were those who began with the fewest resources.  What would revolutionary housing look like for the 99%? It would begin with the recognition  that the wealthiest few in the U.S. and trans-nationally, have used everyone else as the foundation on which to build their fortunes. Revolutionary housing begins with everything needed to be self supporting. It would be income-producing, off-grid,  community-built homes constructed of ecologically sustainable materials. Shapeshifter Development is the culmination of Imani's experience of and vision for green activism and social justice.

Dr. Ehren Stover-Wright

Ehren is the Research Director at The Institute for Community Alliances. He is dedicated to living a holistic life improving the functioning of our social universe whether that be teaching at the university, reading a book or writing reports for service providers.

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